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Rachel M. Taylor is a writer and a director from Memphis, TN. Her interest in stories led her into the realm of film where she discovered the world of “Avarice,” her first award winning, dark fantasy. twitter.com/rachelmtaylor12

5 Production Mistakes That Kill Your Edit

I’ve been asked to help a lot of first time filmmakers with post-production on their films. Sometimes I can tell they did their research before shooting, but other times, I want to pull my hair out trying to correct mistakes that could easily have been avoided.

I applaud anyone who can actually complete a film because that’s a struggle even the professionals face. However, the biggest downfall with a lot of rookie filmmakers is being unaware of some of the rules. Some mistakes you just can’t fix, so you’re better off knowing them before you spend all of your money and time on something that you aren’t proud of.

These are 5 rookie mistakes I have come across while editing. Learn now so you don’t pay later.

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An Evening At Elvis’

When someone thinks of Tennessee, usually the first thing that pops into his or her head is the music. Tennessee has always been famous for its musical heritage and the impact that its music has had on the world. Even the Tennessee quarter proves that by proudly displaying musical instruments on one side with the title “Musical Heritage.”

That heritage is important to protect so it can grow and continue to influence generations to come. The best way to ensure that it will be passed on is to invest in the youth, which is exactly what An Evening At Elvis’ does.

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