An Evening At Elvis’

When someone thinks of Tennessee, usually the first thing that pops into his or her head is the music. Tennessee has always been famous for its musical heritage and the impact that its music has had on the world. Even the Tennessee quarter proves that by proudly displaying musical instruments on one side with the title “Musical Heritage.”

That heritage is important to protect so it can grow and continue to influence generations to come. The best way to ensure that it will be passed on is to invest in the youth, which is exactly what An Evening At Elvis’ does.

What is it?

An Evening At Elvis’ is a house concert series that is produced by students from Rhodes College. Guest artists are invited to perform and talk about their music careers at 1034 Audubon Drive, Elvis’ first home in Memphis, and the house has actually been remodeled to look like it would have in the 1950s.

It’s made possible by The Mike Curb Institute for Music at Rhodes College with the intention to foster awareness and understanding of the distinct musical traditions of the South and to study the effect music has had on its culture, history, and economy. It’s what Mike Curb calls “The Tennessee Music Miracle.”

How is New School Media involved?

New School Media creates an educational environment for the students to produce, film, and edit the series. The production equipment and post-production facilities are provided by New School Media where they help the students realize the fullest possibilities for the show.

Students can learn video production from a hands-on approach with the professional mentorship that New School Media offers.

Why should you watch it?

Not only is the series a great educational opportunity for students, it’s also very important to the culture of Memphis. The artists who come offer amazing insight into the world of the music of Memphis.

Kick-starting the series off with Rosanne Cash, the first episode will shed light on what it was like for Rosanne growing up in Memphis with her legendary father, Johnny Cash, and how music was such an influential part of the city. Like Rosanne Cash, many of the artists have a personal connection to the city of Memphis and the music that has impacted not only their lives but also the world.

It’s definitely worth watching to be part of Memphis music and to continue the musical heritage that has come to define the state of Tennessee. Click here to check out some of the episodes.